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G. Giorgio "Marco" says:

LADY GAGA – SINGLES COLLECTION [9 DISCS BOX-SET] This Singles Box of Gaga is very similar to the Spears’ Multi-Box of The Singles Collection released in autumn 2009, but here Lady Gaga has only a few singles released in only two years, and it’s not very well to do such a release now, also because there are only two tracks previously unreleased in this Box: the remix of Paparazzi in disc5 and the Christmas song in disc9; the rest is known from the original cd singles and/or the remix albums.And more, the disc3 contains a remix not of the track itself, but of the previous single, so is not good: in this box there are two remixes of Poker Face but no one of Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say). Very, very bad!!This is the tracklist:CD1: JUST DANCE1) Just Dance feat. Colby O’Donis 4:012) Just Dance (Trevor Simpson Remix) 7:21CD2: POKER FACE1) Poker Face 3:572) Poker Face (LLG vs GLG Radio Mix) 4:03CD3: EH, EH (NOTHING ELSE I CAN SAY)1) Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I…

gone says:

Struck With Party Electro-Techno-Dance Retro Glamour This is the 9 disc Japan Import Collection from the Electro-Pop Super Star- Lady Gaga! The CD singles are from her albums “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster”. The elegant box has a glossy finish with a opening to the right as each single is in a slim-line jewel case with lyrics, diverse artwork [Poker Face], and track-listing. The beauty is not only in the look but in the contents! The music is true quality, the mixes and remixes are off the charts phenomenal! The art dimension displayed in production, style, and overall are definitely fashion-music strong! Pop music has never been so filled with pizazz! From electronic a, tech-no, dance, rock elements, and more! This is music like never before with hints of the earlier eras 80s with DJ spinning definitely for the nights at the club in the dance-floor or to take pleasure listening!What is to expect? The single Poker Face has diverse artwork not like her original release Poker Face Remixes. This has the pose with red outfit…

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