Rolex Submariner Gents Luxury Watch 116610LN

November 25, 2014 - Comment

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner no Product Detail


Dave duvall says:

Straight forward style, Simply the best 0

CSMedia says:

The only sports watch to own! Why would anyone purchase one off the internet, it is not recommended!Counterfeits are so well made it would be churlish not to purchase from an Authorised dealer, submariners are easier to purchase these days and they are usually readily available. Gone are the times of being put on a waiting list for two years before receipt of one.Best purchased from an authorised dealer where professional staff, such as those from Selfridges or Mappin and Webb make for a memorable and enjoyable experience.The watch is robust and of course water proof with any scratches dents or deformities during wear and tear refurbished on service by meticulous watch makers that return it as new. A service is around £250 and recommended every 3/5 years depending on use. The purchase of this watch will have significance to those who purchase, it is usually a sign of good taste and achievement as it is less ostentatious than some other time pieces.Always rest the…

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