Lady Gaga Eau de Parfum for Women – 75 ml

November 25, 2014 - Comment

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Harry says:

Amazing. So much better than Lady Gaga Fame!! 0

AyJay says:

After the fame… I’ve largely gotten to the point where I’m bored with constantly smelling sweet fruits, powdery florals, vanilla etc on myself and others, so the clean, uncluttered and leaning-towards-the-masculine-side-of-unisex Eau De Gaga is a refreshing change. I think that, like Fame, Eau De Gaga is going to be a love or hate it fragrance as it is so different from the usual celebrity scent, but I must applaud the makers for thinking outside of the box with this – it’s very well made and smells much more expensive than it is. Stronger, unisex fragrances can make my migraines worse, but so far so good with this – it’s perfect for colder, wetter weather.Eau De Gaga applies with a musky leather accord, and as it settles down the leather accord develops fully and combines with the long notes of lime. I expected the violet to be predominant, given the official description, but on me the leather accords and lime that take centre stage. There is a hint of green leafy florals, but they…

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