Casio Unisex Sport Runner’s Watch STR-300C-1VER

July 11, 2014 - Comment

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Product Features

  • Digital
  • Resin Strap
  • Casio Watches


Mark E. L. Austen says:

All the functions you need for running at a low cost – only a few minor issues. This watch arrived from Amazon just two days ago, and overall impressions are good. Before I get started on the positives, here are the issues I’ve found with it: – Stop/start buttons harder to press – Side buttons maybe too easy to press? This to me seems counter-intuitive as I would have thought somebody would be more likely to press the buttons on the side of the watch – as I already have on one occasion. – The pacing metronome thing only goes from 100-200 bpm. For most runners, this would mean setting it at double their normal stride rate, and enduring the slightly annoying beeping at double pace for the 30 seconds it lasts when the ‘B’ button is pressed. – The 8-second delay where the time freezes after pressing the lap/split button in stop-watch mode has the potential to be irritating; that said, for longer distances it won’t matter, and doing 200m intervals on the track doesn’t really involve looking at your watch! – The distance calculator seems…

Lucy McGough says:

Good watch 0

Z. Shamas "zshamas" says:

Great runners watch 0

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