Canon MG5350 Pixma Inkjet All-In-One Airprint A4 Printer

November 25, 2014 - Comment

Product Features Advanced All-in-One Quick Operation 5 Single Inks, up to 9600dpi, min. 1pl quality ISO ESAT speed 12.5 mono/9.3 colour ipm 10x15cm photo in approx. 20sec You can post this "Canon MG5350 Pixma Inkjet All-In-One Airprint A4 Printer" image that's above on your blog/forum using following codes: Website Code <a href=""><img src="×164.jpg" alt="Canon MG5350

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Product Features

  • Advanced All-in-One
  • Quick Operation
  • 5 Single Inks, up to 9600dpi, min. 1pl quality
  • ISO ESAT speed 12.5 mono/9.3 colour ipm
  • 10x15cm photo in approx. 20sec


Emma W says:

PIXMA perfect I bought this printer primarily because it supports AirPrint (iPhone/iPad printing) and at 45cm wide x 36.6cm deep x 16.6cm high it isn’t a huge beast of a machine. It comes in a sleek gloss black and though I don’t think it would win any beauty contests, it looks smart on a shelf. It feels a bit cheap to handle, but to be fair it is an inexpensive machine.Out of the box, setting up is quick and easy. The interface is a wheel/button combo but the wheel can be fiddly. The wheel turns around with very little resistance, so when you let go sometimes it moves again and selects something you didn’t mean to. And the arrangement of buttons can be misleading as it appears to direct you to the left hand button under the screen, when actually you need to press the centre of the wheel.Since the AirPrint feature was the main reason I bought this printer, I was keen to try printing from my iPad. Unfortunately my iPad couldn’t “see” the printer, so I was unable to print…

Jimbo says:

Canon Pixma MG5350 My trusty Canon PIXMA IP5200R wireless printer expired after more than 5 years service and I was looking for something similar – didn’t really need all the other features (scanning, copying etc.). Found this one and it’s got all the bells and whistles, and I have to say the scanning and copying features are useful from time to time, and it looks beautiful in piano black finish. I suspect the guts of this printer are the same as the 5200R – same fantastic print resolution etc.It’s easy to set up as a wireless printer, you enter access point details directly into the printer via its little LCD screen interface, so you don’t need a USB cable as you did with previous models – it doesn’t come with a USB cable anyway.The ink tanks are a bit smaller than the IP5200R, but I have always used third party ink and never found a problem (try bought the IP5200R in September 2006 for £120 from eBuyer, but in May 2012 this printer from Amazon was £100.38 with free…

Hartopian says:

Slowness, high ink consumption, & scanning cures :- I purchased this printer full price and it was indeed ‘worth it at twice the price’ !Slowness cure…When the drivers installed I found two icons for the printer in the printers list in Windows.The icon without “WS” (webservices) is the one to use for printing, and starts printing quicklynormally. So right-click on this one and set it as the default.Scanning method…The icon with “WS” is the one to use for scanning.. not something Canon explain very well.To save a scan on your PC, put the thing you are scanning on the scanner, and then, back at the PC, right-click on this icon and select Start scan, easy really.You can use the green&white diamond buttons on the printer itself but these only seem to work when the printer is connected directly with the usb cable.Reducing ink consumption…Ink consumption is quite thirsty by default, in fact too thirsty for normal office printing because it saturates and distorts…

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