Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

November 25, 2014 - Comment

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Antoine Camilleri says:

New firmware means the EOS 7D is still the best in class! First of all I would like to compliment Canon for continuing firmware updates on this 5 year old camera. Firmware version 2 has upped the already rich specs. The last firmware version 2.0.5 was posted just a couple of months ago. Other camera manufacturers (sorry Nikon) would make a camera redundant by producing an upgraded camera.I have had this camera since it’s release date, way back in 2009. My previous digital EOS camera was the D60 released in 2002, sporting a 6.3 megapixel crop sensor.Through the years I was looking for a worthy upgrade to the D60, and after trying several models, I still found that none could beat it as regards IQ.That all changed with the introduction of the EOS7D. Finally I had found the perfect camera to suit my needs:Key Features:✓ Zippy auto focus with 0 shutter lag✓ “Phase detection” which has now been implemented in modern cameras. Firmware update 2 has really enhanced this…

ZoomClick says:

EOS 7D – Stunning In the last six years or so I’ve moved from a 300D to a 20D to a 5D, then back to a 40D in search of a balance between image detail, features and shooting speed. Image size was never really an issue as I’m not a pro, and the 50D just wasn’t a big enough step over the 40D to make me upgrade a year ago. I love the 40D, it was the most “sorted” camera I’d ever used. So when the 7D came out I agonised over it and tested it a few times in shops – with mixed results since its version of RAW wasn’t supported by Photoshop or DXO at the time. Then in a moment of madness I made the jump. And I’m VERY glad I did.18 megapixels isn’t where it’s at for me with this camera and lots of tests have shown that it’s still not quite got the resolving power of the full-frame 5DmkII – but then I’ve hardly taken a shot at more than medium image size or mRAW in the month I’ve owned it. What’s really brilliant is the redesigned focusing and metering system, the unbelievable frame rate, the battery…

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