Born This Way

November 8, 2014 - Comment

STANDARD EDITION : 2011 album from the pop megastar! Includes ‘Born This Way’ (2 versions) & ‘Judas’. Product Features UK ADAPTOR INCLUDED You can post this "Born This Way" image that's above on your blog/forum using following codes: Website Code <a href=""><img src="×300.jpg" alt="Born This Way"></a><br /><font size="1"><a href="">Born This Way</a> Hosted by <a href="">Global

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STANDARD EDITION : 2011 album from the pop megastar! Includes ‘Born This Way’ (2 versions) & ‘Judas’.

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OEJ says:

Beyond the edge of glory Review of the standard CD, i.e. not the 17-track Deluxe version.After seeing her live performance at the Radio 1 Big Weekend at Carlisle a few days ago I felt compelled to buy Lady Gaga’s new CD straight away – she was just sensational and I think I discovered several new sides to her talents and abilities. The album has 15 tracks including a bonus version of the title song ‘Born This Way’, a remix by Jost and Naaf. I was looking forward to hearing the studio rendition of the penultimate track ‘The Edge of Glory’ and wanted to play it first, have to say I was a touch disappointed with it as I believe she performed it better at the live show, but it’s still excellent and reminds me of Bruce Springsteen in his heyday, it has that audience-participation feel to it with everyone singing along. As a whole the album can be simply played as a high-class dance backdrop for a party; the first seven songs are all fast-paced with a strong bass beat and the impression is that the…

Mr. J. O. E. Reed says:

A good CD which shows Lady GaGa has a lot to offer… 0

Rowan "Rowan Middleton" says:

Gaga is unstoppable! I bought this album after having watched her perform at the Radio 1 Big Weekend in Carlisle. I wasn’t really a huge fan before, but now after seeing how much unrelenting talent and enthusiasm she has for making and performing music, I had to kick myself for missing out on it after all this time!In terms of the music syle, Gaga holds absolutely nothing back. Filled with everything from fast paced electro, synth, 80s pop, rock, techno, acoustic, honky tonk, there’s pretty much something for everyone in this album. From the opening vocals of “Marry the Night” to the end beats of the “Born This Way Remix” the predominate vibes are liberation, empowerment and inspiration, a genuine feel good album, and coming from Gaga the queen of embracing identity, I would have it no other way! My particular faves are “Judas” (just for the sake of getting up and dancing your ass off wishing you had a dirty leather outfit on like she does!) “Hair” (this is a belter of a track, and makes me feel so…

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