Born This Way – The Collection

November 8, 2014 - Comment

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twistedxone says:

Gaga’s masterpiece Born This Way [Deluxe edition]: 4,5 out of 5 stars.Prior to this version, I owned only the standard edition [10 out of 10], which in my opinion is simply better. It is better because it is more coherent. That is where deluxe edition falls short, bonus songs, especially ‘Fashion Of His Love’ and ‘Black Jesus’ does not fit into the concept of the album. ‘The Queen’, on the other hand, is simply magnificent anthem, after which come another splendid ‘You and I’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’. I find this album as her best so far.Lady Gaga Presents The Monster’s Ball at Madison Square Garden: 3/5 stars.Poor production of the recording. HBO had to do a lot better. There are lots of omissions. The only criticism for Gaga is that she talked too much between and during songs. It is necessary to devote much more time to performance. I’m just not that impressed. Example of great video production when it comes to concerts is Madonna’s The Confessions Tour, directed by…

gone says:

The Freedom Set – Packaged for Collection This 3-disc Limited Collector’s Edition is an excellent purchase. From all the different releases this would be the most economical. The difference for the Remix CD and Album would only be that the Japan Import has extra tracks vs the regular releases. So unless you must have those extra Japan tracks then this would be a worthwhile buy. I personally recommend the Japan Special Edition 2 CD, The Remix Japan Import, and the DVD seperate. Why? Because the extra tracks are definitely hot! This one is nice and very handy to travel-for those who are on the go a lot! I usually take this to the beach with me as it is easy to carry. The set comes in 3 separate open up style almost digipak like with the booklet inside one part – like the Japan Britney Deluxe Japan set or Mariah Deluxe Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel but not shiny style. It’s pretty nice. The overall experience of all the discs is an escape, a liberation, and a set yourself free vibe–definitely a great release of emotions to…

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