Born This Way

November 8, 2014 - Comment

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P. Yeoman says:

lady gaga 0

AyJay says:

Lady GaGa goes in a different direction… I admit that the first time I heard BORN THIS WAY I was disappointed. Her singles from The Fame and The Fame Monster seemed to get gradually darker and grittier, so I had built myself up for more of the same, so when her new light and poppy single dropped, I was far from impressed and dismissed it as selling out for radio airplay…Silly me – not staying stuck in the same style is a true sign of talent and versatility.When I really listened to the lyrics I was simply blown away; All of today’s music seems to be centered around partying, chasing girls/boys and ‘bling’, but Lady GaGa aims to spread love and self respect amongst her fans by telling us that we are are beautiful and shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are, no matter our religion, race, sexuality or disability. I’ve been playing this on repeat over and over and love it more each time I hear it.I genuinely don’t get the comparisons to Madonna’s Express Yourself; The music’s lighter and poppier…

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