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November 8, 2014 - Comment

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Lady Gaga Born Famous




litalia says:

Don’t waste your money! I stupidly bought this before the full product information was on this page. I was unaware at the time it was unofficial. This is besides the point really so I’ll get to what you want to know:*** Please don’t waste your money on this. ***The CD has 4 tracks which I haven’t listened to yet but they’re each about 15 minutes long and are just interviews with Lady Gaga.The DVD documentary is appalling! You have a bunch of random guys, I’ve never heard of ANY of them before, talking about Lady Gaga. Like the other review says, one guy doesn’t even like Lady Gaga. Another two guys seem to think her first track is called “Let’s Dance”. As a true fan of Gaga, it pains me to watch this! It’s embarrassing! Throw into the mix some crap filming and two random guys singing solo in the middle of the documentary. They’re not even Gaga songs!! The guys talking about Gaga really don’t know enough about her to make a good enough documentary. Take this for example, when…

Krazi Chik "Mand" says:

Rubbish 0

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